A Blast From The Past, 90’S Kids Will Love These Pics!

I Don’T Know About You, Not Many People I Knew Enjoyed High-School, I Certainly Didn’t, But There Were Some Things Which Made It All OK Weren’t There? When I Look At These Images It Makes Me Think Maybe I Played A Bit More Than I Actually Worked In School! It Think It Might Be True, Maybe I Just Remember The Good Bits Better! Take A Trip Down Memory Lane A Check Out This List Of The 23 Most Awesome Things 90’S Kids Will Remember! And Let’S Hear Your Memories In The Comments Section!


1: Always A Good Way Of Avoiding A Bit Of Work, The Constant Need To Get Up And Sharpen Your Pencil!

2: The Parachute Beat Dodge Ball Any Day Of The Week!

3: That Wooden ‘Spoon’ With Your Ice-Cream, Made Any School Day Feel Like A Trip To The Movies!

4: What Was The Blue Bit Actually For? Scratching A Hole In Your Paper? Genius!

5: There Was Something So Much More Fun And Sneaky Slipping These Notes To Each Other Than Modern Texting!

6: It Doesn’t Say Much For School Meals If This Pizza Was The Best Of The Week!7: Remember What It Felt Like When The Av Guy Wheeled This Into Class?

8: 12345678? No, I Remember 5318008!

9: Did Anyone Ever Finish This Game? Who Is This Legend? They Must Be Knighted!

10: Why Was It So Magical, Pouring Over These Books, Excited By New Worlds Of Adventure?

11: Pencil Toppers Made School Work That Bit More Bearable. Trolls Anyone?

12: Packing Everything Away In Your Favorite Case Like This One…

13: Or This Beauty With Little Hidden Drawers And Compartments!

14: The Ohp Was Only Good For One Thing: Shadow Puppets!

15: Scented Markers! I Can Smell That Orange One Now Just Looking At It!

16: This Is Just About The Only Way Math Made Sense To Me, To This Day I Still Think Of Numbers Like Lego!

17: The Best Art Set Ever, Which Lasted About A Day When Your Mates Started Borrowing Bits!

18: Why Didn’t They Teach Us Piano? Seriously, Who Goes And Joins A Band With A Recorder?

19: All Those Weird Games We Used To Play To Make Sense Of Our Lives!

20: This One Just Never Got Old…I Still Remember How To Fold It!

21: Peeling PVA Off Your Skin, Aah! Satisfying! Of Course, You Put It There On Purpose!

22: Here’S One Thing I Never Wanted To See Again! Aargh!

23: Mad Skills On The Monkey Bars, Could You Make It All The Way?


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