After 70 Long Years, 102 Year Old Holocaust Survivor Gets A Call That Leaves Him Stunned!

This Really Is A Bittersweet Tale Of Tragedy, Heartbreak And Reunion. I Kid You Not,
What Is There Left To Say About Hitler And The Nazis? Responsible For The Vilest War Crimes Our World Has Ever Known, Deceiving Millions With His Clever Words And Powerful Speeches, And All The While Devastating Families, Communities, And Murdering Millions. It Makes My Heart Sick When I See The Faces Of Those People Being Herded Like Cattle To Their Deaths. When Eliahu Pietruszka Escaped To Russia In 1939, He Heard About What Was Going On. Broken Hearted, He Resigned Himself To What He Believed To Be The Truth, His Whole Family Had Been Murdered At The Hands Of The Evil Third Reich. Indeed, They Had Been Moved To The Nazi Death Camps From The Warsaw Ghetto. He Began To Make A Life For Himself In Russia.


Astonishingly, One Day He Was Contacted By His Brother, One Of Two Twins, Volf And Zelig, Both Nine Years His Junior. Volf Explained That He Had Managed To Escape The Concentration Camp Where He Had Been Held, And The Two Brothers Kept In Touch For A Time. That’S When Tragedy Struck This Poor Family Once Again, As Volf Was Sent By The Russians To A Siberian Labour Camp. Eliahu Was Convinced His Brother Was Dead.