Update! Record Breaking Numbers Line Up To Save 5Year Old’S Life

Yes, It’S True, That Headline Tells It Like It Is. But We Have More News For You…The Previous Record For Something Like This Was Two Thousand, But Recently In England Nearly 5000 People, Mostly Complete Strangers, Lined Up In The Pouring British Rain To See If They Had A Stem-Cell Match Which Could Save Poor Oscar Saxelby-Lee’S Life. Oscar Was Diagnosed With Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia And At The Time Doctor’S Broke His Parents’ Hearts, Giving The Poor Lad Only 3 Months To Live. It Often Seems To Me That In Times Of Trial People Tend To Show Their True Colours.

Especially Nowadays, When If You Watch The News You’Ll End Up Thinking The World Is A Terribly Dark And Scary Place, I Reckon There Are A Lot Of Us Who Think ‘No, I’M Not Having It, This Is Not The Way I Want It To Be.’ And Then We Get This Amazing Outpouring Of Compassion And Love As Nearly 5000 Strangers Stand Together In The Rain, Declaring By Their Presence ‘This Isn’T Good Enough, And I’M Going To Do Something About It.’ I’D Be Interested To Put That To The Test, I Wonder If Everything Was Hunky-Dory In The World, Politics Was Running Smoothly And Evenly, Trade Was Strong, Everybody Was In Work, There Were No Wars, Would So Many People Have Turned Up? It Just Strikes Me As A Bunch Of Decent Folk Under Pressure, Almost Fighting For What They Really Want The World To Be. And Good On Them, What A Fantastic Bunch.


Olivia Saxelby And Jamie Lee , Oscars’ Parents, Heard What The Doctors Had To Say And Were Adamant: That’S Not The Way It’S Going To Be For Our Little Boy! So They Launched A Publicity Campaign, Hand In Hand For Oscar, And Were Overwhelmed By The Response. You Probably Hear Me On Here Often Enough Moaning That Not Enough Heart-Warming And Positive Stories Like This Appear On The News, But I Actually Remember Seeing This One! The Campaign At Least, But Not The Follow Up About How Many People Actually Showed! And That’S The Best Bit Of The Story! Oh Well, We Have It Here. And As I Said At The Start, That’S Not The End Of The Story. According To The Daily Mirror, A Match Was Found! All That Campaigning And Lining Up In The Rain Actually Paid Of, A Match Was Found In April And Oscar’S Life-Saving Operation Took Place At The End Of Last Month.

Let This Be An Inspiration To Us All, Of All Those People Lining Up, Taking Time Out Of Their Day Just With The Tiniest Hope That Maybe, Just Maybe They Had Something That Could Save The Life Of A Beautiful 5 Year Old Boy, And It Worked. The Match Was Found And He’S Had The Operation. Things Are Looking Hopeful For Oscar.

Just Take A Look At The Video, In A Way It’S Not Surprising So Many People Showed Up, Even Though Sheer Numbers Smashed The Previous Record. What A Positive, Cheerful, Happy Young Lad, Even Going Through Everything That Was Happening To Him. It Always Jumps Out At Me At Times Like This What An Astonishing Job These Health-Care Professionals Are Doing, Fighting On An Invisible Front-Line Between Life And Death, Hope And Despair.

Pitmaston Primary School Wrote On Twitter: