5 Arrested By Police After Lesbian Couple Was Viciously Beaten In London Bus

London police captured four youngsters in the "homophobic" assault on a lesbian
couple who were beaten very badly on a double-decker bus. One of the persons
from that couple, Melania Geymonat, posted her horrifying experience on social
media. She said that a group of teenagers asked her to kiss her girlfriend, Chris, just
only for their entertainment.
Metropolitan Police said the couple was riding on a top deck of a night transport to
West Hempstead when the suspects that were aged between 15 to 18, started to
bother them with homophobic and lewd comments. As per Geymonat, even as the
couple attempted to defuse the circumstance, those people keep assaulting them.
She said that those boys started behaving like crooks forcing them to kiss each other
so that they can enjoy watching it, calling them lesbians and portraying sexual
positions. She also stated that Chris even pretended that she is sick, but still those
boys kept bothering them, tossing them coins and became more excited about it.
The before Geymonat realize what to do, Chris stated fighting with them on the bus.
She also included that she went over there just to find out Chris’s face bleeding and
three of that gang beating her badly. The before she knew, she was also being
punched by those teenagers. With this immense physical damage, she became
dizzy and fell back; later she finds out that police had arrived on the bus and she had
blood all over her. An image she posted on her Facebook demonstrates that two
ladies sitting on the bus with bloodied faces and blood stains all over on her.
Before the arrival of Police, those guys ran away by stealing the phone and bag of
those ladies. The two ladies were taken to the emergency clinic for treatment to
facial wounds and later discharged.
In a report on Friday, police said the four were captured on doubt of robbery and
bothered hate crime. They were taken to separate police headquarters for further
investigation. Police additionally said they were auditing surveillance video film of the
London Mayor Sadiq Khan considered the attack a disgusting sexist assault on
Twitter early Friday while requesting that the public’s help find out the culprits. He
further tweeted that hate crimes against people and LGBT won't go on without
serious consequences in London. So, if you have any kind of information, call 101 to
report it.
The Prime Minister, Theresa May, joined the judgment. He said that this was a
disgusting attack and his musings are with the victim couple. No one should ever
need to hide their identity or who they love. He also stated that we should cooperate
to destroy unacceptable viciousness towards the LGBT people.
Geymonat disclosed to CNN that she revealed to her story on Facebook to bring
issues to the public and discovered that a large number of her friends had been
annoyed because of their sexuality.

She expressed her disappointment and fear of being assaulted for being lesbian by
saying that as individuals take part in the festivities of LGQBT rights for Pride Month,
she is burnt out on being taken as a sexual object, of discovering that these
circumstances are common, of gay companions who were assaulted just because
they need to bear verbal harassment chauvinist, misogynistic and homophobic
violence since when you go to stand up for yourself when someone like this occurs.
She said that she simply trusts that in Pride Month, stuff like this can be stood up
loudly so they should stop happening and more people should not be harassed in
any manner in the future.