Life Sentence For Nurse Who Killed 85 Patients In Germany

You may have listened about different crimes to happen around you such as robbery, kidnapping or murder, but you may never hear about the crime that has been done in a place where people are being treated from different diseases to save their life.

Something like that appears to happen in Germany where a male nurse killed almost 85 patients in the hospital. His name is Niels Hoegel and he is a psycho serial killer. He confessed on the first day of his trial that he killed almost 85 patients in the hospital.

He killed random patients with lethal injection in between the year 2000 to 2005. He was caught by another nurse when he was trying to inject any other medication which was not prescribed by the doctor. This man already had spent almost 10 years in prison in past life because of murdering six other people in different ways. He also has been involved in many other crimes due to which he was sentenced to several punishments. Unfathomable Well, the record was showing only 85 murders in a specific time duration according to a specific case but the actual history of this psychopath serial killer says that he had killed almost 200 people in past few years.

Police are very much sure about this fact but the court was unable to say so and making the proper judgment about this case because the judge of the regional court of Oldenburg named Buehrmann said that the number of murders on which suspect is guilty is beyond human