Sick of Dying Her Hair, This Woman Got A Makeover That Shows All Her Grays And Her Smile

Dying your hair all the time can lead to a lot of money spent and a lot of time and effort that is sometimes wasted in the end. One woman was so tired of dying her hair that she decided to make a bold move with the help of her hairdresser.

At 41, Kerry Grundhoefer had auburn hair that other women would love to have. It was flowing and was full of volume. However, she was tired of dying her hair to keep it that shade. Kerry asked for help from The Makeover Guy.

Christopher Jon Hopkins is known for transforming women and men so that they are happy with how they look while surprising the people who love them.

Kerry could see every day that more grey hair was shining. She reached a point where she didn’t want to bother with covering up her greys any longer, so she got her flowing hair cut. When Kerry looked at herself in the mirror, she saw a bold woman who was full of style with a shorter hairdo and grey hair.

The makeover she got from Hopkins was nothing short of an incredible!


What do you have to say about Kerry’s transformation and her new hairdo? Watch more to find out what her husband thought about her new style. Show this also to your friends and family – the makeover is really fantastic!