Lonely Elephant In Zoo Has Spent Over 11 Years In A Glass Cage Without Friends: Animal Imprisonment Must End

The world is packed with animals both in the wild and in captivity. Luckily, there is also a myriad of animal lovers on earth as well. There are too many zoos spread throughout the globe to count, and most people enjoy visiting them and studying the animals that reside there. Sadly however, many of the animals kept at zoos are treated more like prisoners than guests.

Lucy the elephant is one such animal. Held for 11 years at the Edmonton Zoo in Canada, Lucy was stripped from her natural habitat and her herd when she was just a calf. In 1977, she was captured in the wild and forced to live in a tiny glass box with only one tire to play with and painted leaves on the walls for company.

Fighting against her instinct to run and roam, she was forced to stand and watch as droves of onlookers gawked at her.