Texas Gal Politely Holds Restaurant Door Open Only To Hear Elderly Woman’s Comment And Decide To Speak Up

Brooke Ochoa had no idea that the simple gesture of holding the door open for an older woman at a local restaurant could lead to a wonderful friendship. After holding the door for the woman, Brooke overheard her requesting a table for one from the hostess. At that moment, the young Texas woman stopped the older woman and asked her an important question.

She told the older woman, Delores, that she too was eating alone. She asked if she would like to share a table while they eat.

Most would agree that meals are much more enjoyable with a little conversation and someone with whom you can share a laugh. Delores was just as happy as Brooke to find a surprise buddy for lunch.

Once the two began to talk, Brooke learned Delores was not eating alone by choice. But circumstances within her family had left her alone. Brooke explains her new friend had been living with her recently deceased mom for the past decade.

Delores also had an aunt who recently needed to move into a nursing home. Delores admits she has struggled recently with being alone.

The smiles the two women enjoyed at lunch have been passed on to many by way of social media.