Simple Hacks to Help You Cook Your Way to Healthier Comfort Food

Comfort food is one of the most sought after meals on cold days. It offers sentimental value with a delicious taste of nostalgia. Cooking at home can bring that same sense of nostalgia to your kitchen. While there are plenty of restaurants and diners that seek to provide you with a mix of nostalgia and calories but in a much healthier way nothing beats you doing it yourself. Simple ingredients are switched out at home to provide the same delicious flavor with fewer calories. When you decide to make your own meals you can choose healthy alternatives instead of harmful ones that may harm your body.

New Ingredients, Same Flavor

Many people eat comfort food for the flavor rather than it’s health benefits. Simple dishes like mac and cheese, fried chicken, chocolate cake are some of the most consumed comfort foods, but the top choice for most Americans is pizza. It’s versatile, can be used as a base for breakfast, dinner, and lunch, and often times can feed a family of five for a low cost. Pizza, just like all the other comfort foods, can be made in a much healthier way by adding vegetables, changing out the sauce, or even replacing the crust with another alternative. You won’t have to sacrifice the flavor for a healthier option. Most comfort foods can be altered without compromising the taste or the memory it holds.

Unleash the Chef Within

Cooking can be a great alternative to buying your favorite comfort food at a restaurant or in the freezer section of your local grocery store. Not only is cooking at home cheaper it also allows you to connect with your food and family. Making your own food puts you in charge of finding healthier ingredients, reheating your food in style, taking the time to add different spices, and finding out new flavors that you may like. If it’s your first time in the kitchen, you may have to buy a few books to learn the basics. If you don’t like to read cookbooks, you can watch Youtube videos and see everyday individuals create delicious foods in their own kitchen.

Connecting with Friends

Food is a great reason to get together with friends and have a good time. You can amaze your friends with new recipes for your favorite comfort foods and a new bottle of wine. When you take the time to not only improve your cooking but to share your progress with your friends you will gain more confidence in your cooking skills. This may encourage your friends to join you on your delicious journey and start their own while recreating their favorite comfort foods in a new and delicious way.

Try Something New

You can try taking your favorite comfort food and make it healthier with a few changes to the recipe. The roux for mac and cheese can be made with rice flour rather than wheat flour. You can use tapioca starch to bread your fried chicken and fish. Your favorite lasagna recipe can be made with homemade sauce and lots of vegetables. There are plenty of ways to spice up common comfort food, not only making them tastier but healthier as well.