Couple Sleeping Habits and Their Positions- And What It Says About Their Relationship!

Our subconscious wakes up while sleeping and spill all the beans of our relationship with a respective partner.

Now just imagine yourself sleeping with your partner and think about your sleeping positions.

Do you fight for the blanket? Do you snore loudly? Do you throw your hands and feet over your partner?

Fortunately, we are here with few sleeping positions which we unconsciously do while sleeping. Sleeping is not just any other ordinary activity. It comes with the meaning of our relationship and bonding with our partner.

A partner sleeping together doesn’t always mean having sex every day. It’s way more than that. After all, the luminance of a relationship is love, trust, and understanding.

When we fight with our partner, we try to avoid facing towards them. Similarly, we tend to cuddle each other like an adorable couple when we are high with emotion.

There is a lot of sleeping pattern which reveals the couple’s bonding. The couple often changes their sleep pattern as and when they turn while sleeping. Here are few similar couple sleeping positions you can relate to and what they mean:

  • Spooning


Almost 18 per cent of couples choose to sleep in this cushy position. Here a partner holds the other partner with his arm around her waist or vice-versa. Both the partner sleeps in the same direction. This typical sleeping position unveils their intimate relationships. Its’ also indicates their deep understanding. This position also unveils your role in the relationship. If you are a big spoon i.e., the one who is holding his or her partner acts as a protector and can even be possessive to the partner. If you are little spoon then you would enjoy being protected by your partner and you always feel secure at the same time. Spooning helps release happy hormones and lessen stress. Thus, spooning enhances love and affection between the couple.

  • Loose spooning

Loose Spoon Position

If your bonding strengthens with the passage of time, your spooning position turns into the looser spoon. Loose spooning is almost the same position as spooning but with a little space in between the couple. They gradually develop maturity, trust, and sense of security that their understanding opens up and sleep in a much-relaxed position without constant touching.

  • Head on the chest

Head on the chest

A happy couple generally sleeps in this pattern. Keeping head on the chests indicates their strong bonding. The partner who rests their head on the other’s chest shows their dependence. While the one who allows the other partner to put her head, demonstrate their power and desires to protect the other half. Overall this position reflects partner confidence and deep trust for each other.

  • Back-to-back

Back-to-back position

Sleeping back-to-back can have several meanings depending on the gap in between the couple. In this position both the partners face in the completely opposite direction. If your back touches, it shows that you are an established couple that values their space. You enjoy doing things separately. At the same time, you love a special romantic bond. You are always in touch with your partner.

If you have a wide gap in between, it indicates a red flag in your relationship. There is something wrong with your relationship. However, to curb this disturbance, feel free to communicate with your partner. Communication is the primary thing in any relationship.

  • Face-to-face

Face-to-face sleeping couple

Facing your bodies face-to-face each while sleeping is a sign of emotional bonding. If you are touching each other while facing then you ought to be thinking the same and want the same things. You understand each other perfectly and thus make a most compatible partner. You are head over heels in love with your beloved partner. You have the most effortless and harmonious relationship as well.

Couples who don’t touch each other while sleeping face-to-face tend to crave for more intimacy and understanding. You got to know each other’s desires by talking. Just talk to your partner and break through all the shackles of misunderstandings.

  • Sleeping on your stomach

Sleeping on stomach

If you are a fan of sleeping on the stomach, this could be a sign of trouble in your personal relationship. This sleeping pattern indicates a lack of sexual trust, infidelity, anxiety, and vulnerability. Just think about your position in this sleeping pattern. You have no intimacy, no touching, and no closeness with your partner. This may create a rift in your relationship. Well, you can avoid this contradiction in your relationship by simply cuddling your partner before falling asleep. Make sure your partner feel secure and loved.

  • Hand touching

Hand touching sleeping position

Touching your hands with your partner shows both of your confidence in the relationship. Staying connected or any other minimal touch shows you don’t need any over-the-top gestures. There is no need to ensure your love for each other. Sometimes minimal touch is enough to make your presence and affection towards your partner.

  • Leg-hugging


Another great sign for your relationship is intertwining your legs together while sleeping. Even if you are not sleeping so close to one another, this leg hugging shows your strong bond with your partner. Your desire for deeper emotional and sexual drive enhances with this sleeping pattern. Here both the partners take care of each other and think alike. This sleeping position happens rarely to the couples. Either you or your partner initiates this position. The one who initiates is more involved in the relationship. The other one feels slightly distant. You have to find out what’s bugging your significant other.

  • Tangling


This is the stage of any new relationship where the couple constantly can’t get enough of each other. It is the most popular sleeping position among couple who just started living together. But this is not what exactly it signifies. Believe it or not, sleeping with your arms and legs tangled up is not a good sign for the couple. According to Psychotherapist Elizabeth Flynn Campbell, this shows that you are too much dependent on each other. On the contrary, if you are moving apart naturally after tangling then congrats, it’s a perfect balance between romantic connection and independence. This is always a sign of a healthy couple.

  • One of the partners dominates the bed

Sleeping like a king

If you are taking a wide space than your partner in bed, then it’s not a good sign. It clearly shows that you are selfish and wants to grab attention among the two of you. Another important factor is if one of your head is slightly closer to the headboard, is the one who loves to dominate. While the other half struggles for the lack of self-esteem. Your partner will appreciate if you give other space to sleep equally.

  • Sleeping in separate beds

Sleeping separately

Reasons behind sleeping in different beds can vary. Snoring, sleeping comfortably, quarrelling, pregnancy, or baby could be the possible reasons. This slowly leads to the additional distance among the two in your conscious relationship. If your relationship is totally fine other than sleeping separately, then you are surely missing out your subconscious strong bonding while sleeping with your partner.


Don’t try to assume your differences, just listen to what your partner has to say. Only complete honesty can help you find the fissure in your relationship.