Fearless Chihuahua Tries To Fight Great Dane In Hilarious Video.

t seems like everyone enjoys a story about the little guy versus the big guy. Most people want to see the little guy win and triumph over the big guy.

The underdog usually has a whole team of cheerleaders.

There Is Just Something About Little Dogs

Lilly is a tiny chihuahua. Even though she is only 12 weeks old, Lilly will not get much bigger than she already is. The tiny pup makes up for what she lacks in size by her feisty nature. She makes a lot of noise and thinks she is in a fight.

What One Chihuahua Did

Lilly was barking up a storm at Vega, a big Great Dane. Vega is not a very energetic dog. He was relaxing on the grass in a park in Manitoba one day. Lilly scampered up ready to engage Vega in a dog chase.

What the Great Dane Did

Vega just wanted to relax. He extended a paw, as big as Lilly’s head, as a gesture of awareness. Lilly took this as a gesture of being ready to fight. She got up on her back legs, but quickly fell over. She regained her balance, charged at Vega and promptly did a few somersaults into the sidewalk.

Vega stood up in order to make sure that Lilly was not hurt. Lilly took this as an offensive action and charged again.

Reaction of the Dog Owners

The dog owners thought all of this was quite funny. It was Lilly picking the fight, not Vega. The Great Dane showed that he was a very good boy and behaved himself. The owners were amused and made a video of the antics of the dogs.

The Video Goes Viral

Everybody loves a silly dog video, and this particular