12 Tips to Strengthen Your Knees, Keep Them Healthy and Free From Pain

Your knees are one of the most vital body parts of our body. They are the biggest joints which give us the flexibility, stability, and support to our legs to help us walk or run comfortably. We easily crouch, jump, crawl climb because of the significance of our knees and it is, therefore, most important for us to take care of them and make them stronger. Over the years, our joints start getting weaker and as we know it is people in their more advanced age find it difficult to perform even a simple task such as a stand or sit even walk properly because of weak painful knees therefore here are few ways to avoid problems in our later years.

Knee problems are not only due to wear and tear and age but also caused due to a sedentary lifestyle, strain or injury, excessive smoking and drinking, drugs consumption etc. In fact even excess sodium intake can also create a deficiency in the knees. Damage or tear to knee ligaments is called osteoarthritis which is painful and very difficult to cure. Just by making lifestyle and dietary changes you can improve the health of your knees and here