Hospice nurse snowshoes through blizzard to help patient at home

It all started when the Chippewa County Health Department nurse got a call from a colleague who advised her that a patient nearby was in need of care.

“We got a call from a hospice patient who really needed to have a nurse visit and the nurse that was working that took the call lives in Brimley, about 20 miles away. She called me she knew I lived fairly close to this patient and asked if i could go over,” Nancy told

“I said sure, I can do that and I went outside and realized we had a lot of snow,” she added.

Indeed, a huge snow storm was blasting through the area and showed no signs of slowing. Roads were blocked and the temperature was below freezing.

But while bad weather would be a first, easy excuse on so many’s lips, Nancy instead thought “How can I make this work?”

So she strapped on a pair of snowshoes and off she went.

Humble Angel

Nancy is surprised at the attention the story has since received and says simply that she is certain others would have done the same.

“I’m sure that if I couldn’t have done it our director would have found someone to get a snowmobile out here to get to that patient’s house,” she said.

“The patient was the important person here, I shouldn’t be getting all the attention,” she added.

Watch the news report below for more on Nancy’s wonderful deed.

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