Duo win 1st place prize for new take on classic swing dance at competition

To choreograph a swing dance to a George Thorogood classic might not seem an easy task, but the performance Ben and Jennifer gave was nothing short of magnetic.

Having entered into the Classic Division of the Capital Swing Convention competition, their style appears to be somewhat unconventional. For a start, there was the attire, which in itself raised eyebrows.

Instead of a floral A-line dress – such was typical of the swing-dance era – Jennifer opted for dark slacks and a more risque top. Ben, meanwhile, went for a simple jumper and trousers combo perhaps designed to steer the audience down a path towards expecting something different.

Indeed, the crowd and judges would have been forgiven for thinking that perhaps Ben and Jennifer were at the wrong contest. Needless to say, of course, they weren’t.

With a rendition that was sleekly in time and perfectly synchronized, the pair quite literally stole the show in California.

What’s more, their approach proves that you don’t always have to follow tradition or ‘the handbook’ to deliver a breathtaking spectacle.

Watch their performance in the video below:

Unsurprisingly, Ben and Jennifer took first place at the contest, which we’re sure you’ll agree was well deserved.

We simply love watching ground-breaking routines like this one!

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