Outrage over picture showing young people staring at their phones while elderly woman stands

The group of commuters surrounding the frail looking woman has received loads of heat online after the photo was posted on Facebook last week.

It has since received hundreds of comments and 25,000 shares. But it has, above all, led to a stream of angry comments from social media users.

One commenter wrote: “Shitty parenting results in shitty children. They probably don’t know any better thanks to their parents trying to be their best friends and not preparing them to be adults.”

The four passengers appeared not to give up their seat for the elderly woman on the train. Credit: Facebook

“This photo shits me !!!! No respect what so ever gone are the days where the younger generation look after for their elders !!!! How other people haven’t ripped them from their seats and or made sure granny had a seat is beyond frustrating.”

Another wrote: “Hey I’m not a young person but I would have stood up and given my seat up for the elderly lady and I’m dam sure my children would have done the same and they aren’t teenagers either…..dam rude, no dam respect,no empathy…too self absorbed.”

Others took a more critical eye to the situation, wondering if someone might have offered her their seat but she refused:

“Not defending them but… someone may have offered, but the elderly said ‘No It’s ok I’m getting off soon or at next stop’.”

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