Imagine if you were out shopping, but your card kept declining at the checkout counter?

Most of us would probably leave the store empty-handed with a heart full of embarrassment. However, for one man, he managed to find a guardian angel in the form of a police officer, who managed to save the day.

Alicia Danielle, a pawnshop employee, was working the counter when a customer who was trying to buy a pair of shoes, ran into a problem with his method of payment.

The man’s card kept declining.

Danielle could see that the gentleman really needed these shoes, as evidenced by the shoes on his feet which she were “literally falling off.” Although his card refused to go through, the man would not give up and returned to the store 15 minutes later.

Danielle details what happened next in a post on her page, which she also shared on the Facebook page.

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When the man returned, he was accompanied by a police officer — Danielle both the reaction of both she and her co-worker.

“We’re like ‘Is there a problem officer?’” she wrote.

Their apprehension was understandable.

Normally, when a customer returns with to a store with a police officer, there’s almost always going to involve negative energy and drama.

“The cop is like ‘No there’s no problem but if you still have the shoes I’d like to go ahead and buy them,’” the officer said.

Both Danielle’s co-worker and the officer decided to help pay for the shoes, by splitting the cost. In her post, Dannielle emphasized that the actions of both her co-worker and the police officer were a “genuine act of kindness,” because there were no other customers in the shop at the time and “it wasn’t to ‘pretend’ to care.”

Out of appreciation for the officer’s kind act, she felt compelled to share this story with the world.

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Danielle wrote”

“I’m just sharing this because there is constant hate, mistrust, and division in the world we live in today…”

So this guy comes in to buy a pair of shoes because his are literally falling off. Anyway his card wouldn’t work so he…

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“We still have so far to go, but I promise you small acts of kindness like this are what’s going to rebuild trust and faith in our communities.”

This touching story attracted a lot of attention as well as a flood of positive reactions from numerous Facebook users.

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Danielle noted that although she didn’t get the cop’s name,“…this didn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated by me or the customer.”

This story is just one of many everyday acts of kindness that remind us of basic goodness within the heart of humanity.

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