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Although school attendance is important for your education occasionally a family needs to get away and forget about school schedules. Kids would generally receive extra work to catch up while absent.

However in the UK, families living in Devon County are forced to pay a fine when they take their children out of school. After returning from a weeks holiday in Majorca with his son, Daniel Moore wasn’t surprised to receive a letter from his son’s school fining him $68.35.

Although he was aware of the fine prior to going on his vacation, Moore still found the policy frustrating. After reading the letter he noticed it was full of typos.

I saw a couple of spelling errors as soon as I opened the letter but as I read on more mistakes appeared. At first I thought it was quite funny but when you place it into the context that these people are responsible for the future of children’s education it is concerning,” Moore explains.

Inspired by receiving a letter subtly reprimanding him for bringing his 5-year-old on vacation, Moore got out the red pen and decided he would have some fun “grading” the school fine.

Once he posted the letter on Facebook, it quickly went viral.

Moore didn’t consider himself an arbiter of spelling rules, but after receiving a sloppy letter from the Head of Education was somewhat concerning.

“Today we received our fines for taking Charlie on holiday. I’m not going to pretend I’m a Spelling guru or a typing expert. But I’m also not the Head of Education in Devon. This woman’s in charge of the future generations education, our children’s education and she’s rubber stamping this tripe! I’m going to pay the fine, no questions asked but I shall also be sending her letter back marked & graded. Maybe I’ll throw a little holiday snap in as well!”

Moore graded the letter with a “D” and encouraged the Head of Education to “try harder” after he highlighted all the typos.

I guess in future the Head of Education will look over her work twice before fining any more parents.

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