Rescuers Rush To Save 2 Huge Clydesdales Trapped In Middle Of Frozen Lake Before It

Two adult horses, struggling to stay alive in the middle of a frozen lake is definitely not something you witness very often.

On Pine Grove Lake in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, that is exactly what neighbours discovered right before frantically dialling 911.

These two Clydesdale horses known as Gunther and Wilhelm who are both 15 years old and weigh more than 1,500 pounds reside at the Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm.

The pair roamed onto the ice close by and fell straight through after being spooked by a sight or sound and broke out of their enclosure.

Once the rescue crews arrived, all they could see were two heads sticking out of the ice. Time was of the essence, because no one knew how long the horses had been submerged in the water, and they risked hypothermia. Not only that, but high-stress situations can cause “life-threatening colic or organ failure in a horse,” their owner explains.

The farm staff feared the worst and imagined the horrific sight of seeing Gunther’s and Wilhelm’s lifeless bodies being pulled from the lake.

The rescue crew this would be a difficult task since Gunther and Wilhelm weighed so much. They cut their own trench through the ice using chainsaws and ice picks, then used ropes to pull the horses out.

In the meantime the community gathered around Wilhelm and Gunther, bringing heaters and horse blankets in the event the horses survived.

Takea a look at the clip to see more details about this unbelievable rescue.

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