The line-up, now consisting of Mitch Grassi, Kirstin Maldonado, Kevin Olusola, Scott Hoying and Matt Sallee, is bursting at the seams with talent. Anyone doubting that need look no further than the song below.

It’s not simply their voices that take PTX to the next level, but rather the intricate way in which they’re able to complement each other’s styles. Beatboxing, riffing, percussion, and basslines come together to create a tapestry of vocals as endearing as it is irresistible.

Bear in mind that creating a buzz around a cover of “The Sound of Silence” is no easy thing to accomplish these days. Disturbed’s heavy metal cover became a viral hit for its totally different spin on the classic, while a multitude of talented performers and bands have tried to do the same thing.

When it comes to PTX’s rendition, however, I think it’s fair to say they’ve managed to do what very few can: give us a cover that is truly refreshing.

Have your doubts? Watch the video below and let us know what you think:

I think Simon and Garfunkel would be proud that they’ve managed to influence such a great piece of music.

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