Teacher snaps photo of man in restaurant after overhearing words, tells him:

Shout out to this guy! This elderly lady (seemed to be a little lonely) came up to him and asked if she could sit with…

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It was when Amanda posted the photo to social media later that evening that she explained the entirety of the story.

She began by divulging that the elderly woman appeared to be lonely, and that she’d approached Eric to ask if she could sit with him.

“Without hesitation, this guy said, ‘of course,’” Amanda said.

Shout out

She continued: “Shout out to this guy! My friends and I watched him introduce himself and shake her hand. They talked and laughed together like they were friends. They didn’t know each other, and they couldn’t be more different. But, today, they shared a meal together and it touched our hearts.”

Unsurprisingly, plenty of people shared Amanda’s joy at Eric’s actions. Before long, he and his companion – known only as “Jan” – took the internet by storm.

Speaking to , Eric revealed: “She said she just wanted a little conversation, because no one likes to eat alone.”

Eric cleared a place for her and the two struck up an unlikely friendship.

What’s more, Eric ended up exchanging phone numbers with his new friend Jan, and they’ve planned to meet up again to have more funny talks.

I simply love hearing stories like this; those that exhibit love for one another in its rawest form!

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