Mama dog cries for help for her wounded puppy

It’s crushes my heart to see animals suffer or get into trouble. They’re so helpless and innocent and depend on us for so much. Animal Aid Unlimited rescues animals through street animal rescue, spay/neuter and education.

Their mission is dedicated ”to the day when all living beings are treated with compassion and love”.

The organisation received a distressing call about a wounded puppy on the side of the road recently. Once they finally arrived, mama dog was by his side crying out for help.

The dog was standing guard protecting her young one. However this clever mama knew rescuers were there to help her, so she placed her trust in them.

Mama wanted to help but knew she wasn’t able to do it on her own. The rescuers picked up the pup as he cried out in pain. Animal Aid carefully transferred the tiny pup to their vehicle, and took him back to the hospital.

Mama dog didn’t stop trying desperately to communicate as rescuers gently lifted her puppy into the ambulance. Unfortunately, the puppy had two deep puncture wounds on his shoulders. If he didn’t receive the proper care the wounds could have been life-threatening.

The little pup was a very brave boy through it all but he needed lots of rest, food, and love. Once he received all the help he required, he tried desperately to walk on his own, but it was too soon.

We weren’t sure if the nerve damage was permanent. But Toggle was comforted throughout the days of his healing, and while we fell in love with his incredibly sweet nature, we knew there was someone very important waiting for him back home”, Animal Aid Unlimited writes.

This story began as one of the saddest, but there’s always a happy ending.

Take a look at toggle reunite with his mother in the video below:

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