Conjoined twin sisters can finally go home to separate beds after intense surgery

In our world where magic is bound by the confines of reality, it truly is an uncommon thing to experience a supernatural occurrence. In some cases they present themselves when all appears to be lost, instructing us that in life nothing is sure, and everything can change.

That was unquestionably the situation with Siamese twin sisters named Abby and Erin Delaney, who were born connected by their brains. Specialists barely gave them a shot at survival, however luck was on their side after cutting edge medical technology created a true miracle.

It was a big thing for Heather Delaney and her partner when she found out she was pregnant. This was further heightened when the couple discovered they were having twins!

Heather’s pregnancy was tough especially since she discovered that her babies’ heads were conjoined. It sounds surprising, but cases of conjoined twins aren’t as rare as the average person believes.

When it comes to identical twins, 1 in 200 pregnancies and 1 in 49,000-189,000 births result in conjoined twins. These numbers sound large given how many babies are born the world over each day …

When it comes to conjoined twins the real rarity lies in the mortality rate. Sadly, the majority of such pregnancies usually end in miscarriage whilst only 18% of conjoined babies survive the full pregnancy.

Heather and her husband faith was rewarded when Abby and Erin were delivered successfully despite having to still face a monumental battle.

For the first 485 days the newborns were kept in the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia so they could undergo the operation. The operation itself to separate the girls took more than 11 hours and 30 members of staff.

The team of doctors were able to declare success when the surgery was over. Although Abby’s sinuses will be missing some part as well as other minor complications to consider.

These girls have proven themselves adept fighters when it comes to battling the odds. Since the surgery it’s reported the girls are recovering well! The twins are living a normal life 18 months following their surgery.

Their quick recovery is partially due to the fact the procedure was performed while they were still young.

Take a look at Abby and Erin in the video below:

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