Black kitty makes strange noises over baby monitor, mom checks baby

A lot of couples dream of the day they start their own little brood. Newly wed couple Roy and Bernita Rogers were no different as they began trying for their first baby.

Bernita sadly fell pregnant three times, only to give birth prematurely and lose her child each time. Feeling completely crushed she and her husband gave up with their attempts.

Bernita didn’t want to face the heartbreak of a repeat miscarriage.

One day a stray kitten found its way to the Rodgers’ home one day. So they decided to adopt it as they saw it as their chance to care for something that required their help.

The cat was named midnight as it was as black as the night. From the very beginning they knew Midnight was special.

Midnight could be their lucky charm despite the myth that black cats often mean bad luck, the couple were convinced it was the opposite.

Bernita fell pregnant less than a year after Midnight became part of the family. This time the child survived but given their past experiences, the couple were wary.

Like most parents, while Stacey slept they kept a baby monitor beside her cot. Even their adopted cat Midnight seemed to take interest in the little girl’s development.

Bernita placed Stacey in her crib one day for her usual afternoon nap. As she was waiting for her parents to arrive she went downstairs to the living room.

Midnight ran in suddenly and jumped up on Bernita’s knee. Bernita ignored the fact that he was bouncing around the room assuming the cat was simply seeking attention.

However moments later Bernita began to hear noises upstairs coming through the baby monitor. Rushing upstairs she checked on Stacey and realized a frightening truth.

Midnight making sounds over the monitor, Bernita saw the baby blue in the face as she looked down at Stacey. Thanks to Midnight, she got there on time and immediately rushed her to hospital.

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