Super snow moon to be visible on February 19


Now, February’s offering won’t be termed a blood moon, because there won’t be the reddish, rusty tint those who witnessed last month’s spectacle will be familiar with.

However, a “super snow moon” appears to offer an appeal all of its own. Reports state that the super snow moon will be the biggest and brightest of the year, and will be at its fullest phase on Tuesday, February 19, at around 10:53a.m. Eastern Time.

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Experts state that the moon will look as though it is full both the night before and the night of its peak. This means that if you’re not around on the Tuesday, you can watch on Monday night and should get a similar experience.

What is a super moon?

“Super moon”, “blood moon”, “wolf moon”: It’s understandable that these terms can all be a bit confusing.

In layman’s terms, a super moon is one that tracks closer to the earth than usual. This means it can seem bigger and brighter to those viewing it from earth, especially when it begins to rise over the horizon.

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Well, I’ll certainly turn my eyes to the sky this week!

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