8-year-old boy saves up own pocket money to buy roses for every girl in his class

An adorable eight-year-old schoolboy has bought a rose for all the girls in his year so none of them will feel left out on Valentine’s Day.

For the majority of us, valentines day means different things as it’s a day where we show our love for someone.

Of course, not everyone is fortunate enough to have someone as kind and romantic with their gestures as this young romeo.

Using his entire pocket money Callum bought rose for every girl in class so nobody was without on Valentine’s Day, would you be proud to have this child as your son.

The fourth grader saved up his pocket money in an attempt to purchase every girl in his grade a silk rose. He wanted all the girls to feel happy for the occasion by ensuring everyone had a little something.

It seems Callum has been doing this for the past four years as he worked in his grandma’s flower shop to earn funds. After she passed away, he began to wash cars instead.

All told, Callum purchased a whopping 68 roses for his schoolmates, and his mom couldn’t be any prouder.

Callum’s mother Stacey says she is incredibly proud of her son. “He’s been doing it for four years,” his mom said. He started out with just his class but now he gives roses to every girl in his year – he says that no girl should be left out.

“He’s also saved up and got a present for his girlfriend. “This year is a bit different. He normally helped his grandmother in the flower shop to earn the money but she died last year – this year he has decided to wash cars.

“He has washed about ten cars and has a couple more booked in. He was outside from 9.30am until 4.30pm and even then I had to drag him in as it was getting dark. I’m really proud of him. He hates the attention from the girls. Last year when he gave them the roses they all started screaming and piled on him,” she concludes.

Callum’s biggest gift is reserved for his girlfriend, who he says is fine with him treating all the other girls despite it being their first Valentine’s Day together. What an inspiring little boy with a big heart full of love!

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