Aggressive Winds, Snow, and Power Cuts as Storms and Floods Hit Hawaii

Some areas of Hawaii saw electricity cuts, strong wind—even snow—recently, as a severe storm hit. 

Winds of up to almost 200 miles per hour brought branches and trees crashing across motorways and infrastructure, cutting off people from power in unusually strong conditions. 

Honolulu’s Emergency Management Director, Mr. Toiya, urged residents to take extra care when taking to the roads. 

“Conditions are windy and we do have trees and utility poles and other objects falling onto the street,” Toiya said to CNN. 

Snow has fallen across Hawaii before, however, and frequently covers its tallest mountains. 

Nonetheless, Maui’s Polipoli Spring State park received some snowfall, something that’s probably never before been seen in any of the state’s recreation areas, meteorologists reported.

The state Department of Land and Natural Resources shared a Facebook post: “[P]erhaps [for] the first time ever, snow has fallen in a Hawaii State