Sonogram Nail Art Is The Latest Unique Trend For Expecting Moms

These days, parents seem to be honoring each and every milestone of the important journey. You’ll find heartwarming announcement footage and pictures on social media, massive ‘It’s a boy/girl’ parties, even whole Facebook or Instagram accounts for the little one once they arrive. 

Each day, it’s as though the honoring gets increasingly more over the top. Once, parents-to-be simply told others that they’d be parents, perhaps share a picture from the sonograph. The parents would usually go to the ultrasound together, yet recently it’s as though lots of couples can’t wait to share that moment with everyone they know. 

As an example, couples get cakes and clothing with pictures from the sonogram, there seems to be nothing too imaginative. What’s the latest? Manicures! Yep, pregnant mothers are using sonogram pictures as the inspiration for truly unique nail designs.

The hottest new fad in nail design is called a sonogram manicure. Expectant moms actually use pictures from ultrasounds to show their manicurists—who paint the pictures right onto their fingernails.  

We’ve seen ‘It’s a girl’ and ‘It’s a boy’ nail art around before, but this trend is brand new, and has already caught on in a big way. 

Some moms are using manicures to honor little ones even when they’re still in the womb. 

As sonogram manicures grow in popularity, increasingly more manicurists are rushing to pick up the skills needed for crafting these detailed nail pictures.

Images have already started circling Facebook and Instagram, sparking a range of different remarks from users. 

On one hand, the nail art is popular with some posters, while some reckon it’s slightly excessive.

One writer posted on Facebook that she’d get a sonogram manicure if she became pregnant again. 

Others find them a super-fun and creative way of enjoying pregnancy.

The detailed manicures are very complex and captivating, just not for everyone. 

“This is so weird to me,” one commenter thought.

A different user said, “so I just saw this and yeah sorry that’s a no from me.”

While sonogram manicures tend to be mostly seen on pregnant women, some have had them done after losing a child.

As an example, one lady got her manicure to fondly remind her of her lost child. 

“This manicure has been a long time coming,” the woman posted. “After three years and numerous fertility treatments, my hubby and I finally conceived in April. On May 30, my heart was broken when I found out my baby was no longer living and growing, and he was taken from me the next day.”

Elaborating, she shared: “I lost all inspiration as I struggled with the grief. I learned how to love him and his brief life and move forward with renewed hope. I love you jelly bean, and seeing you on my nails makes me smile.”

Got thoughts on the latest nail art trend? Is it something you would have done?

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