Teenage bullies give 16-year-old boy grave head injuries and fractures

Sixteen year old Neo Hobs from Nevada was the victim of an attack by bullies that left him with serious medical injuries to his head, reports say. 

Sources say Neo was targeted by a certain bully over numerous months prior to the assault taking place on 17th of last month. He’s since been far too terrified to go into his high school at all. 

It’s reported that Neo was taken to a hospital sporting serious head injuries. After arriving, he went into a coma that was brought on by the brain damage. The bullies who committed the injuries haven’t yet been named or identified, nonetheless it seems like the Elko school is trying hard to write the event off. 

According to Fox13, Hobs’ family feels incredibly distressed. They claim the attack was carried out by a certain bully, one who’s been harassing Neo over several months.

In the meantime, Neo’s School District did confirm an event had taken place at the school. However, they report that only a few punches and unfortunate fall occurred. 

Doesn’t make sense

Neo’s doctors don’t believe this can be true, arguing that the amount of damage caused meant “He had to have been hit with something.”

Amongst his injuries, the doctors list serious skull fractures, as well as cerebral bruising and bleeding. Neo’s mother voiced: “You send them to school, and you shouldn’t have to worry about your kids going to school. Especially about something like this.”

At the moment, it’s still uncertain whether Neo will be regaining complete cerebral functioning. If that happens, he may be able to tell us what happened. Right now, he’s still having treatment as a patient at the Primary Children’s Hospital in Utah. Ahead of him lies a considerable path to getting better. 

Commenting on how the event came to pass, Neo’s mom said he had frequently voiced concern about being bullied while attending the school. 

“This boy was saying stuff about him, and I told Neo, ‘Just ignore it.’ He says, ‘I am, mom. The best I can.’”

Neo’s parents won’t be able to bring him back home for at least a few more months, as he faces lots of rehabilitation treatment in the immediate future. 

“He has to have a lot of physical therapy. He has to learn how to walk, talk, brush his teeth and feed himself. He has to learn all that over again,” Neo’s mum shared.

You can donate to Neo’s GoFundMe campaign here; all proceeds will go toward his medical fees.

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