Teen captured on camera throwing tiny kitten into lake, only for cops to show up and deliver justice

quite understand exactly what goes through some peoples mind particularly those who hurt helpless animals.

In certain life threatening circumstances I can appreciate you might have to do things you wouldn’t normally do. However, the idea of hurting an animal doesn’t sit right, particularly someone in their right frame of mind.

For us, it’s important to raise awareness of animal cruelty wherever we come across it. Bringing justice those who harm innocent creatures for their own entertainment. Garrett Haile went viral the year before last, having featured in a video where he can clearly be seen throwing a kitten into a lake.

Fortunately the 19 year old was finally arrested last week and charged with animal cruelty.


When the video was taken, Haile was a minor at the time, he later used Snapchat to record and repost the video. It’s uncertain if the kitten survived the ordeal, but the teen certainly landed himself in trouble.

Nicole Pinheiro shared the video, to ensure Haile was brought to justice.

My heart, it just left my body,” she said. “And I showed my mom, and she burst into tears. She was like, ‘I can’t believe that this is the world right now.’”

After Nicole posted it on social media, it quickly circled the internet. Thousands of fuming people also shared the clip.

The video I posted I screen recorded (it’s a feature that the iPhone has) because people were wondering how to share it,” Nicole continued. “So I recorded and shared it with

the news stations because I felt it something that needed to be seen, so he can pay for actions. Which that is exactly what happened. He got caught.

Everyone on the watch page was tagging the local police department and even calling them. So he would have been caught regardless. But sometimes things like this get looked over (not by purpose)  but they do. So I shared it with the local news stations and they all wrote me back. Saying ‘thanks for the tip, we are looking into this.’”

It’s said the Patterson PD is searching for the person behind the camera, too, with the aim of bringing him/her to justice.

Patterson Police Services Chief Jeff Dirkse said of Haile’s arrest: “This is an excellent example of the public’s cooperation and we certainly appreciate it. With calls we  received and the information shared with us via social media, we were able to quickly investigate, identify, and make an arrest in this case.”

In the clip, Haile can be seen holding the kitten by the neck, with the person filming saying, “Welcome to badass, and this is Felipe, the flying cat.” Haile then hurls the cat into the lake.

Take a look at the video below:

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