Nobody puts Baby in a corner

Baby’s awesome stage routine in Dirty Dancing has become a timeless classic, there’s no doubt about it.
Whether it’s at a party, wedding, or somewhere else, the routine is always an instant hit. It’s so catchy, it’s impossible not to be pulled in when you hear the first initial bars.
But this on-ice version of the classic is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Ondrej Hotarek and Stefania Berton are two pro international ice dancers.
Like other ice performers, they train and practice for endless amounts of time. Often, for daily sessions that last several hours, just to make it big.
But once they hit the rink, there’s nothing more amazing than seeing them perform. And for the audience, it’s worth every second to watch them dance.
When Ondrej and Stefania took to the ice, and Time of My Life began, it was something truly amazing to behold.

It’s as though it was only yesterday that the famous bars started playing, even though the original movie came out more than thirty years ago.
Time of My Life rapidly became a chart-topper during 1987, holding the spot for a full week.
Hotarek and Berton stopped ice dancing together several years back, yet their performance as a pair is nothing short of unbelievable. We’ll never stop getting joy from their past performances even as time passes.
This is such an amazing video, the pair are flawless performers together. They go together to bring truly riveting chemistry that are impossible not to love!