92-year-old sounds the alarm after robbery

Police officers in the U.S. get a hell of a lot of stick for the most part. Plenty of people are ready to lodge complaints concerning how they go about their jobs, while others are of the opinion that they resort to violent measures too often.

Of course, it’s important that we retain the freedom to criticize members of any profession when they’re not doing their job properly, but it’s equally important to remember that police officers risk their lives every day in order to protect us.

Not only that, but many of them are capable of incredible feats – which this wonderful story is a fantastic example of.

There are not many surviving veterans from World World II left, but 92-year-old Louis C. Hicks is one of them.

Throughout his life he’s always endeavoured to do the right thing, this includes when America was called to defend Europe’s freedom against Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

One day, recently, Louis discovered that some of the tools in the workshop behind his house were missing. He alerted the police to the theft, chiefly in the hope that they could catch the thief.

All Louis wanted was to get his tools back, but when Officer Chasity Salazar reported to the scene, she insisted on taking a look around Louis’ home.

Louis knew in that moment that he couldn’t conceal what was going on in his kitchen. Officer Chasity took a look around, saw what she needed to see and then promptly left. She promised not to disturb him again.

92-year-old Louis had no idea that she’d been doing a spot of detective work in his house, and was planning on returning with something to make his life a hell of a lot easier.

Louis had fought for his country during World War II, but when it came to taking care of his own needs he was simply too proud to ask for help. Fortunately, Officer Chasity saw the signs of someone who could do with a hand and so decided to take immediate acti