Move Aside Flowers, We

A dozen roses may be classic, but here’s something new. This year, floral bouquets are out, replaced by Olive Garden’s amazing breadstick bouquets. Not as romantic? Wrong! Not only are these the most delicious way to show your love this Valentines Day, but it’s the year of carbs—a dozen beautiful breadsticks is perfect for this year’s celebration of love.
Even better, they’re simple as can be, making them the ideal way to say I Love You to your special someone. Olive Garden lets you order these bouquets as romantic gesture for you and your loved one simply by printing out one of their special Breadstick Bouquet wrappers. They’ve already prepared a few templates, you just cut them out and use them as a wrapper for your breadsticks. Come Valentines Day, just give them to your lucky date.
So if you’re not born with the romantic abilities of a poet, you’ll now be able to say ‘I Love You’ with breadsticks! Of course, however, Olive Garden has put together some templates to help you out. There are five choices of wrapping for you to print out, all you need to do is pick the one that says it all for you.
The Traditionalist
The perfect card alternative!

The Olive Garden Stan
If you’ve ever been in the frantic online rush to get the yearly OG Pasta Pass, you’ll know exactly what this one’s all about.

The Foodie
They say the only way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. For those with a shared passion for the edible.

The Minimalist
Straightforward, yet oh-so-adorable.

The Cheesy
Gotta love food puns!

The Romantic
Here’s hoping you last even long after OG’s breadsticks stop coming to the table.

Yet while we’re loving the food puns, we’re all actually in it for the food. And at an Olive Garden near you this February 14th, you’ll be able to order a two-person ‘Valentine’s Day ToGo Dinner’. You can get these for $35.99, for which you’ll receive a choice of salad or soup alongside breadsticks, either Five Cheese Marinara or Alfredo dipper sauces, a main for the pair of you to share (Alfredo Chicken or Ziti al Forno), and a sweet dessert to finish—also to share (either Tiramisu or Black Tie Mouse Cake). Because it’s to go, you can dig in to your cheesy Olive Garden indulgence from the couch, while binging on your latest Netflix series.
Head to the Olive Garden site to place your Valentine’s Day shareable dinner; and if you want the breadstick bouquet downloads, you can get them here. For a sweet (but mostly savory) romantic dinner the two of you can share. Happy Valentine’s Day—may it be full of romance and bread for years to come.