Look just how simply you can grow as many lemons as you like in the comfort of your own home

Lemons are amazing for so many things. I love them!
There’s nothing wrong with owning up to it. They’re full of vitamin C and work amazingly in all kinds of recipe. Plus, they’re super handy to have at arms reach on a daily basis.
I love drinking freshly squeezed lemon water every day, especially to keep colds at bay during winter.
Often, I head to the supermarket for them—that is, until realizing how simple it is just to grow some of your own.
Apart from their extreme versatility, they’re perfect for keeping your immune system in great shape – they are utterly indispensable around the house.
But how exactly can you start growing them from your own private kitchen? It’s not hard, check out these easy steps!
Your own lemons
You’ll require:
Healthy soil;
Of course, a lemon;
An appropriate tub or container;
Cling wrap;
Somewhere with sun.

Follow these easy steps:
1. Place the soil in the tub or container you’ve prepared, and put in just enough water to make the soil lightly damp. Try to have about three centimetres to the container’s rim.
2. Slice your lemon, then choose a seed that looks in good shape. Don’t allow it to dry out—some people put the seed in their mouth before planting it. Create a just-large-enogh hole within the dirt to allow the lemon seed to drop in.
3. Place more soil on top of this, and put in slightly more liquid. Any fertile, nutrient rich dirt should do the trick, but you may want to choose a combination of vermiculite, perlite, fertilizer, and peat moss.
4. Now, place the cling wrap over the container to keep moisture inside, and put it where it will get sunlight.
5. Try not to use too much water, as this may lead to the lemon seed becoming rotten. Do keep an eye on what’s happening in the container, and once the little tree begins growing, take the film off. Remember, this often happens within 7-14 days.
6. Put your lemon container where it will get direct sunshine. Don’t forget that your plant requires 8 sunlight hours daily to photosynthesize, while you should maintain a good level of moisture in the dirt around it.
Looking after the lemon tree:

You should ensure that your container has holes at the base so water can come out, and don’t forget to water your plant at regular intervals.
Make sure it gets sufficient sunshine.
Put in more fertilizer if you feel it’s required, and when the plant starts to outgrow its container, you can replant it into a bigger tub. As time passes, it might become big enough to be replanted outside.
Here’s a nice piece of advice. Like most other plants, lemons are best grown while it’s still Spring. It’s not an absolute must, but can make the entire activity much more fun—and easier.
Stop popping out to buy lemons! And remember, be patient. Your lemon won’t grow overnight!