Avoiding the dentist: Here

Having beautifully white teeth is something all of us yearn for. Not only does it improve self-confidence and make many people feel more assured in their looks, but taking care of your dental hygiene is something that is important as we grow older.

Of course, visits to the dentist are never fun, and taking the time to look after our teeth properly is something some of us neglect.

When it comes to tartar, the main cause often lies with bad oral hygiene. Sure, you may brush your teeth every day, but it’s daily procedures that help remove plaque and halt the formation of build-up.

Whilst wondering what is actually going on in your mouth isn’t something we do every day, it’s important to remember that forgetting about your teeth entirely can lead to gum disease, tooth loss and worse. Here we’ve compiled a list of ten things you can do at home (they cost nothing to very little) that will remove tartar and keep your teeth healthy.


1 – Baking soda

Baking soda actually helps when it comes to cleaning your teeth. An added bonus is that it simultaneously whitens them.

2 – Hydrogen peroxide

A useful disinfectant, hydrogen peroxide can also whiten your teeth when diluted. Apparently gargling consistently for a few months (once a day) is a good way to improve the whiteness of your teeth, while it will also disinfect your mouth.

3 – Apples

Nature’s toothpaste! Eating apples can apparently help cleanse and clean your teeth, as well as go a long way towards fighting bad breath.

As per reports, the fibrous nature of apples scrubs away plaque from your teeth, while helping to remove other food debris.

4 – Oranges

Rich in vitamin C, oranges can also be beneficial when it comes to your overall oral hygiene. These babies are good for waging war against bacteria growing in your mouth.

Credit: Pixabay

5 – Baking soda and aloe vera

Yes, aloe vera can be bitter, but it can also work wonders when it comes to removing tartar from your teeth. Take one teaspoon of aloe vera, four teaspoons of glycerin, 5 tablespoons of baking soda, lemon essential oil and a cup of water … mix them together and scrub your teeth with the formula. Plaque and tartar will disappear.

6 – Vitamin C rich foods

Foods such as tomatoes and strawberries have antimicrobial properties that get to work removing bacteria from one’s mouth. Extracting the pulp of tomatoes and strawberries and applying it to your teeth (leaving it there for five minutes) is a great way to keep your mouth bacteria free (do this twice a week).

7 – Spicy foods

Say what you like about spicy foods, but they’re a great remedy for removing tartar from your teeth. The food generates heightened saliva production in your mouth, helping to clean teeth and gums.

8 – Anti-tartar toothpaste

Mixing coconut oil, baking soda, stevia powder and olive oil can you give you a natural toothpaste which is extremely good at fending off tartar in your mouth.

9 – Carrots

We all know the myth that carrots will help you see in the dark, but did you know they actually strengthen your teeth as well?

They’ve been hailed as a cavity-fighting vegetable in the past, whilst they’re high in plaque-attacking keratin and Vitamin A.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

10 – Almonds

Almonds are also great at removing plaque from your mouth. Their abrasive texture helps to clean the surface stains like an exfoliator.

Well, I’m certainly happy to learn a bunch of cheap tricks that will save money on dental bills!

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