Single? Fancy Free Buffalo Wings? Head To Hooters This Valentine

You’re not alone if you don’t find Hooters the classiest place to dine out. But prepare yourselves for a surprise—it’s where you can tear up a picture of someone you once dated this V-Day to win yourself some free grown-up nuggets.
Yep! Just head down to a Hooters this on the 14th of this month and you’ll be able to enjoy the revealing restaurant’s yearly ‘Shred Your Ex’ fiesta. Simply purchase 10 buffalo wings and tear up a picture of someone you used to date to score ten bone-free wings at no charge whatsoever. Sweet!
Should you find yourself single this Valentine’s Day, a Hooters full of couples probably isn’t going to be your scene. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to ‘Shred Your Ex’ from your laptop on the internet. Once you’ve ripped your ex into bits, you’ll be given an e-coupon that lets you enjoy wings in the comfort of your lonely home. Just remember, though, doing the rip-up at Hooters means the photos get sent to a proper shredder, for extra impact. Pretty nice.
Do you love a cathartic tearing up? Then go ahead and bring along as many exes photos as you want. You’ll be limited to ten buffalo wings, but you may get more enjoyment out of it all.