Sandra Bullock furious:

Sometimes we fail to comprehend the significance of the words we use in day to day life, especially when we’re referring to people.

When it comes to motherhood, society at large recognizes a mother as someone who has used their eggs to conceive and give birth to a child. For whatever reason, it’s often forgotten that millions of people the world over become parents through adoption.

For the moms and dads who choose to adopt, the matter is very simple: the children they take in are their children, just the same as if they shared a biological connection. And yet some people persist in making a distinction by way of terming them ‘adopted children’.

Well, actress Sandra Bullock is taking a stand and calling for an end to the practise, as per an interview with InStyle. She has two adopted children of her own, and from her point of view they are as close to her as any child born to her naturally would be. She might not be their biological mother, but her maternal instincts are no different to what they would be if she was.

Bullock is the mother of two adopted children, 8-year-old Louis and 5-year-old Laila.

Since adopting them, the Hollywood star has kept them both out of the searing spotlight that comes with public attention. She’s protective of her children’s privacy, and rightfully so.

Bullock, 54, recently challenged the notion that adopted children should be referred to as such, publicly asking that society and the mainstream media no longer keep up the archaic pretence.

“Let’s all just refer to these kids as “our kids.” Don’t say “my adopted child.” No one calls their kid their “IVF child” or their “oh, shit, I went to a bar and got knocked-up child.” Let just say, “our children,” Bullock said in her InStyle interview.

Sandra feels that women have a right to ask that people don’t make the distinction between children and “adopted children”, because being a mom is so much more than simply biologically bringing a baby into the world.

She wants her children to have a perfectly regular upbringing.

In 2015 she even filed a lawsuit against a publication that used images of her daughter Laila without her consent.

A mother isn’t simply the person who provides the egg and womb necessary for a baby’s development. A mother is the one who affords a child all her love, forming an unbreakable bond that transcends time itself.

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