Ellen has huge surprise for woman who paid for 70 homeless people to stay in hotels during polar vortex

Once in a while we’ll hear a story about someone doing something truly special. I’m not talking your everyday run-of-the-mill act of charity …no.

They’re great in their own right, but I’m describing acts that really show the merit of someone’s soul. Take, for example, Candice Payne, who paid for the hotel stays of 70 people during the recent polar vortex in Chicago so that they wouldn’t have to worry about freezing to death.

Her gesture inspired others to pick up the tab for those in need, and kick-started a cycle of generosity that’s certainly made a big difference.

If I ever met Candice, I’m sure I’d like to thank her in any way possible. Now, the chances of me meeting her are slim, but Ellen DeGeneres? Well, that’s a different story …

YouTube / Ellen DeGeneres

It recently came to light that Candice Payne was the anonymous donor who put the tab of 70 hotel stays for homeless people on her credit card. She then reached out on social media to aid in the organization of transport and food for everyone.

Not content with that, Candice is keen to continue working for the benefit of others. She’s created a non-profit called Action for a Cause, and plans to acquire and do-up properties for long-term housing needs for those who remain homeless.

YouTube / Ellen DeGeneres

When TV sensation Ellen DeGeneres caught wind of the idea, she decided she’d help. She invited Candice onto her show to talk about her good deed, and offered her $50,000 towards her fundraising goal (Candice has a GoFundMe campaign to help kickstart the new initiative).

It’s said that half the amount was donated by Ellen herself, with Walmart matching her sum so that Candice could leave the studio a very happy lady indeed.

Watch the emotional clip in the video below:

Videos like this just simply make my day. I’m so happy Candice is being recognized and hailed for her exemplary efforts.

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