Three Youths Sprint To Help Shaky Older Couple While Cop Is Blown Away By Their Kindness

89-year-old Rose Griest had set off on a lengthy trip home from an Orlando medical appointment. Rose and David, her husband, took a bathroom break en-route at a gas stop. The pair had stopped their car at the first station available, and were incredibly worn out and feeling shaky when they got back to the SUV.

Rose was noticably frail and having trouble using her walker. She and David were not having an easy time balancing, and the pair weren’t very strong.
Kanesha Carnegie, a nearby officer, was ready to help out the pair when she noticed that three youths were already making quick progress out the station towards them.
Rather than aiding the elderly couple, Carnegie was fixed to the spot in amazement, and captured the following events on video.

The trio: Freddy G, Marty, and Joc Koe Stoe, are rappers based in the city. While picking up something to eat in the store, they witnessed the elderly pair having a hard time getting back to their SUV. They didn’t stop even for a moment, and the three dashed into the parking lot to help. “I kept thinking, ‘She could have been my grandmother,’” said Marty to Fox 5.
Carnegie shared the touching footage on social media, and the video quickly spread like wildfire, gaining more than 5 million watches. A truly mindblowing display of kindness and compassion.