Electrician repairs

‘See electrician Joshes reaction to this couple’s surprising fake inspection!’
It’s hard to imagine something more annoying than coming back from a freezing day to realize your heating’s broken.
If you live somewhere warm, this could already be pretty irritating. Others, though, may find themselves in real danger.
Oklahoma-based Josh and Stacy returned to their house mid-winter, just to realize their heating had failed. The power company had removed the Lemonds’ meter, stating it posed a fire risk as the wires were in bad shape.

The pair had zero power until they could get the system checked and fixed again. One problem, however—both were unemployed, so neither could afford to fork out for proper repairs. They had no choice but to hope for a miracle.

Stuck in a desparate situation, Josh and Stacy asked their community church group to pray on their behalf. Instead, a member called Josh offered to personally come and help.
The Lemonds had helped Josh recently, after meeting him at the church group. On discovering that Josh’s wife was unwell, they took hot food to her at home so as to help. At the time, they were completely unaware that their kind gesture would so quickly be reciprocated.

A Kind Act As it turned out, Joshua was actually doing an apprenticeship at Dane Electric. He didn’t hesitate to offer advice that could help the Lemonds, and said he would help.
Thus, Josh devoted several freezing days to help fix the couple’s heating. Despite the temperature, damp, and risk, he kept at his job so he could help the pair.
After a while, Josh—with Dane Electric’s help—managed to fix Josh and Stacy’s power, for no charge whatsoever.
Fast forward a few days, he popped over to their house to carry out a regular check on the system.
He didn’t expect the pair to have a well-earned surprise in store for him!
Check out the footage here and find out what the couple had up their sleeves for Josh when he came back. This story totally shows how amazing humanity is when we help each other out.
Like it’s always said, you get what you give. Being kind and helping others can mean that you’ll never be alone when you need help in turn.