3 men abduct girl walking home, then she remembers mom

In an ideal world, no one would be afraid to walk home alone at night — but sadly there are some truly sick people out there who roam the streets when night falls.

Recently, Jordan Dinsmore, a 20-year-old college student living in South Carolina, fell victim to a group of disturbed individuals.

Outside of her apartment block she was jumped by three men who were waiting for her to return. They held her at gunpoint, robbed her and then violently abducted her.

This incident could have potentially cost Jordan her life. But thanks to the wise words of her mother, that echoed in her mind, things turned out differently.

Most people don’t take these instructions seriously, but the fact remains that you are more vulnerable at night.

Thinking “that will never happen to me” is, of course, the most dangerous mindset to have.

Jordan Dinsmore was just a few steps away from her apartment when three men attacked her late at night. Fortunately, because Jordan had paid attention to her mother’s instructions concerning what to do in such a situation, she managed to escape …

The men were armed, and demanded that Jordan drive the car as none of them were able to drive a manual vehicle.

“What would mom do?”

Jordan no choice but to comply as a gun was pointed at her. It was on their way to a gas station to refuel that she started to have thoughts concerning how to get out of the situation.

“They told me that I was going have to have sex with at least one of them,” Jordan said. However, she heard her mother’s voice in her head, and knew exactly what she needed to do.

She recalled that her mother had managed to avoid a sexual assault when she herself was in college, and used that as her inspiration.

“My mom always told me, you know, ‘don’t let them get you alone, because then you have no help, you have no hope for passerby’s to see you or hear you, and you have no help to get out,” Jordan continued.

Jordan’s had limited choices. She could either continue to drive the car, or she could jump out as it moved.

Leap of faith

Without a second thought Jordan opened the door and jumped out with the moving car.

“I just kind of thought in my head, ‘Do it, do it, do it,’ and then the next thing I know, my hands were on the handle, I was opening the door and I was staring at the pavement,” said Dinsmore.

“When I wake up, I’m just trying to stand up.”

The 20-year-old started creaming for help from passing drivers. Finally a third car that passed stopped to help her.

“They were in a moving vehicle, without a driver, and a 20-year-old girl just outsmarted you,” said Dinsmore. “I wish I could’ve seen their faces at that moment, so that they knew that I might have been a victim, but I was not victimized.”

Two teens were arrested by police in connection with the incident.

Take a look at the incident below for more details on the story:

This should be read by everyone.. People should be ready if such a terrifying situation happened.