Daredevil Canceled at Netflix After Three Seasons



According to a press release issued by Netflix, it is unfortunate news for the fans that Marvel TV’s and Netflix series Daredevil has been canceled for its fourth season. After third season, the Marvel and Netflix has decided not to resume the series, so third season was the last season.

The company said in a recent statement that: We know that it is painful for fans that Daredevil has not been renewed for fourth season but we are tremendously proud of the show’s 3rd and final season. We believe that it is best to close the series on such a high note. We are thankful to Charlie Cox, the Daredevil and other cast members, writers and stellar crew for a tremendous job. We are also very thankful to the fans who have supported us greatly in last few years.

Netflix also said in a statement that although show will not continue for another season but three previous seasons will continue to stream on the platform. The online streaming company also stated that the Daredevil character will continue to live on in future projects of Marvel.

In a separate statement issued by Marvel, the company thanked the creative team for all the efforts in last few years and said that more projects are in pipeline for Daredevil in future.

The Daredevil show cancellation comes just in two weeks since Erik Oleson, the show runner announced online that he had just pitched at Netflix for fourth season of Daredevil.

But, Marvel TV era on Netflix seems to have a clear end although two other shows ‘The Punisher’ and ‘Jessica Jones’ are currently scheduled to stream on Netflix as planned, according to sources.

Daredevil was the Netflix’s first live action Marvel adaptations. It was first premiered in 2015 where Charlie Cox was playing as Matt Murdock in the series. The Daredevil, a blind lawyer, appears as a great crime fighting vigilante. The series had received positive reviews when its 3rd season was premiered on October 19th.

Although both lead cast members have been tweeting about the show’s fourth season on Twitter but unfortunately the show has come to an end surprisingly. Vincent D’Onofrio and Charlie Cox starred series cancellation is a proof of strained relations between Jeph Leob run Marvel TV and Netflix. It seems like a far cry when both companies signed multi-series deal in 2013 with bigger plans and wider smiles. Daredevil is also the 3rd series this year after ‘Iron Fist’ and ‘Luke Cage’ to see an abrupt cancellation.

There have been speculations about the reasons that could have lead to Daredevil cancellation. According to sources, Marvel TV and Netflix have been arguing over the season orders. Marvel shows are extremely costly to make on Netflix due to change in digital landscape. Besides that, all Marvel series have always produced seasons with 13 episodes but Netflix has switched to seasons with only ten episodes and since then it has been pressuring Marvel to switch from 13 t 10 episodes season that Marvel company has been greatly resisting. The tussle between the two companies has possibly leaded to the cancellation of the Daredevil series.