Hero Who Saved Hundreds Of Children During World War II Dies At Age 108

World War II will forever be remembered as a real-life struggle between good and evil. As Allied soldiers fought Germany through the cities of Europe and braved the fierce island fortresses of the Empire of Japan, Axis forces slaughtered millions of civilians in occupied territories.

In these terrible acts, millions of men, women, and children were deemed undesirable and killed without any regard for their innocence.

To combat these atrocities, brave men and women stood up to the might of the vicious conquerors. One man was Georges Loinger.

Loinger was a soldier in the French Army when Hitler unleashed the blitzkrieg on his unprepared home. Unable to overcome the might of the German war machine, Loinger was taken captive by the Germans when France capitulated in the summer of 1940. Unwilling to standby while his nation suffered under the boots of Nazi occupation, Loinger escaped and rejoined the war against the Germans.

When Loinger learned of the mass killing of Jewish civilians by the Wehrmacht, he knew he had to do everything he could to prevent the murder of innocents. The atrocities committed against Jewish people hit Loinger especially hard as he was himself Jewish. Having blonde hair and blue eyes, Loinger