Mom Confronts Loud Teens In Hotel Only To Find Note Slipped Under Door That Silences Her Instantly

Teenagers are often called out for behavior that should be normal for the curious, hyperactive and social people that they are.

When the FFA blew into town for their annual shindig, the gathering was about as gleeful, loud and sometimes rambunctious as could be expected at a conference of some of the nation’s best and brightest.

The delegation from Eureka, Kansas happened to be assigned to rooms right next to the family of Jon and Randi Amt. The Amt family, consisting of mom, dad and three young children were not in the hotel by choice. They had been driven out of their home when it was rendered uninhabitable due to a toilet malfunction that festered because they were out of town when the incident happened. The family had already been in the hotel for 10 days, and the cramped quarters and the stress of worrying about their home had frayed their patience.

The hotel was at about a half-hour’s drive away from their home. To maintain a semblance of normalcy for their children, Randi was making the drive with her kids so that they could still join sports practice and their usual activities. It was exhausting.

At the end of the day, all they wanted was to sleep fitfully, which was a problem when the FFA kids checked in. They were loud, but Randi let it slide on the first night. As she got her kids ready for bed the following evening, Randi noticed that the teenagers’ doors were ajar. As a mom, she saw this as an opportunity to resolve the situation in a positive way.

She knocked on the their door politely and asked to have a word with the young people. She spoke like the sweet mom that she was, assuring the teens that she wanted them all to have fun and enjoy their adventures away from home. Then she briefly opened up about her family’s situation.

“I told them to please understand that not all the hotel guests were on vacation, briefly relating my family’s problem. I asked that they consider that our young kids had to sleep as we did because the daily grind was quite exhausting for us. The young man who appeared to be the leader apologized sincerely. He was very kind, and he said they would be more conscious of their actions,” Randi said.

Randi noticed that the hallway was silent as she finished tucking her kids in that night. She felt a bit guilty for asking the FFA kids to tone down the noise, but she was really relieved not to have to deal with it tonight. As she was about to switch off the lights, she saw a note that was slipped under their door.

It was a handwritten and heartfelt note from the kids she had spoken with earlier. They said they were sorry that her family was going through difficulties involving their home.

The FFA kids had written:

“We apologize for disturbing your family the past few nights. We should have been more considerate of every one around us. We hope your house can be fixed very soon. There is no place like home.”

Randi gasped when she saw what the kids had attached to the note. It was an unexpected gesture that restored her faith in the goodness of humans. They had attached $40 to the note.

“I thought the kids might react to my request by slamming us on their social media accounts. Instead, they chose to own their fault, apologize and make amends humbly.”

The Amts debated whether they should return the money. They opted to put it to good use by buying winter caps and gloves for homeless people who show up at the local shelter on frigid nights.

Jon and Randi Amt paid the good deed forward and shared the heartwarming story of the FFA kids with their friends and family. With compassionate kids like them, the future remains hopeful. Do you agree? If you have a similar story, we would like to hear from you. Tell us in the comments and pass this story on to your friends and loved ones to share Jon and Randi