Man Scolds Guilty Dog, But Can’t Hold Back Laughter When Dog Apologizes Dramatically

Every dog owner is familiar with the cute big, puppy eyes that the dog gives when it feels guilty and knows that it has done something wrong. The expression on the dog’s face is something that can melt any heart away. The following video is of the reaction of Ettore towards his owner, Antonio Federica Granai.

The man is Italian, but his words have been translated in the video. Antonio is scolding his dog for doing something wrong. It is not clear in the video what the dog has done, but the guilty expression on its face is enough to prove that there was indeed something.

As Ettore is scolded, the dog buries his face in Antonio’s chest. When Antonio asks, “Are you asking for forgiveness?”, the dog crawls on his lap, looks him in the eyes, and pushes further into his chest.

Antonio is a tough one to meltdown and keeps on asking Ettore if he understands what he has done wrong. Although Antonio is strict, at the end he is able to forgive his dog, and the two hug each other. Dogs are very cute when they seek forgiveness. But still, do dogs really feel remorse when they have done something wrong or is it just us attributing human-like qualities to them?

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