Family Adopted A Senior Dog From A Shelter And Cared For Her

They wanted to adopt a senior dog instead of a puppy..

Senior dogs are often left unadopted in shelters as they get overlooked by potential adopters. As they were unadopted, they would be put down by the shelter if there is a lack of space.

Most people preferred to adopt puppies or younger dogs rather than a senior dog, but not this family. A woman named Melissa Davis and her daughter, Raven, went into a BARCS animal shelter in Baltimore to adopt a senior dog.

According to Raven, the reason on why she had wanted to adopt a senior dog was to prevent them from dying in a shelter. They soon met Kaylee, an 11 year-old American Staffordshire terrier who was surrendered by her owners as they could no longer afford to care for her.

Despite the fact that Kaylee had numerous health problems such as an