She Considered Abandoning Her Newborns With Down Syndrome. Now, She Is Grateful For Not Making A Big Mistake

When parents find out their child is having Down syndrome, they feel lots of different emotions: fear, anger, rejection, guilt, denial, lack of self-confidence, and self-pity. For some people it is hard to stay strong after such news.

But after a little while, they understand how wonderful it is to have a baby. This woman was about to give up twins with Down syndrome, Now, she reveals why she is glad she kept them.

When Julie McConnel from Idaho learned she is pregnant with twins who both had Down syndrome, she wanted to put them up for adoption. She was 45 years old at that time and already had four children.

Of course, she knew about the likelihood of having multiples or a child with Down syndrome because of her age. But she was not ready that both of these factors will be present.

Now, Julie feels as happy as never before. She is a mother of six wonderful kids, and she loves spending time with them.

Nevertheless, Julie is worried about their future. In the interview withDailymail,