Young Man Hadn’t Cut Hair In 5 Years Gets Sexy New Look Turning Heads

After years of having the same old raggedy hairdo, Alex the chef was ready for something new. Combing his hair back into a ponytail for work everyday was getting old! So, he asked the only person in the world he could trust for a fresh look: The Makeover Guy. This makeover guru, also known by his legal name, Christopher Hopkins, immediately recognized that his client’s lengthy locks needed to go – but the way he went about transforming his look was absolutely incredible. When Alex got to see himself for the first once Christopher was finished, he couldn’t believe the man staring back at him in the mirror.

Before sliding into Christopher’s styling chair, Alex admitted he had been in a rut. Working long shifts at the restaurant led to a lack of willingness to care for his personal appearance. And when he did get a chance to go out, the handsome young man hid behind his flowing brown hair. Once Alex explained what he was looking for, Christopher got to work. He trimmed the chef’s length locks, gave him a modern, manly haircut, and trimmed up his facial hair. By the end of the appointment, Alex looked and felt like a brand new man! He couldn’t wait to show everyone his grown-up makeover.

Even though Christopher worked his magic on men in the past, this transformation left all of Alex’s closest friends and coworkers in total shock. Who was that person standing before them? There’s no way it could be their scruffy Alex! Take a peek at his big reveal in the video below. Christopher gave his client the confidence, charisma, and style he was looking for – there’s a reason why he’s THE Makeover Guy.