Neglected Dogs Were Caged Their Entire Life. Now Watch Their Reaction When They Felt Free For the First Time

Puppy mills are places where dogs are kept in awful conditions and bred on an intensive basis. They are usually cramped and almost never provide the dogs with the proper care they need. They can basically be described as farms that promote animal negligence, abuse, and cruelty.

Animal rescuers were able to save 17 dogs from a puppy mill. The dog breeds ranged from poodle mixes, Beabulls, to the Yorkies. The canines were stacked from the ceiling to the floor of the back of a minivan.

The dogs had to endure the cramped and smelly quarters during the 12-hour travel. However, that was nothing compared to the filthy and confined conditions they were used to in the puppy mills.

The canines were headed for freedom. In the puppy mills, the dogs are kept under lock and key. They are kept to reproduce puppies for economic gains. The puppies are sold to pet lovers making a huge profit for the mill owners.

For most of the dogs, it was their first time in the real world. It is their first time to make eye contact, first time to step on the grass, and the first time to wag their tails.

We hope the dogs enjoy their new homes and the taste of freedom. Watch the amazing clip below and let us know what you think.