Waitress Always Treated Homeless Man With Kindness, Then One Day He Reveals His Real Identity

Our actions towards people usually come back to us, sometimes sooner than we expect. It is common for people to treat others depending on their appearance. The well-dressed and seemingly reputable people are commonly accorded much respect while those in less appealing clothes are granted little courtesy. It seems that people will never learn that such judgment should not be based on appearance.

In fact, we should not judge at all. Not only is it biblical teaching, but it is also a virtue that needs to be incorporated in all societies.

The story of one waitress who served her boss without knowing it is still going viral on social media. When the owner approached the counter, she did not see her boss, and neither did anyone else. They saw what he wanted them to see and to his disappointment, they all treated him with as much respect as the value of his clothes. All except the waitress.

The woman demonstrated exceptional kindness that touched him deeply. He rewarded her for her good heart and walked out. She only learned his true identity a few minutes after he left.

Homeless people are some of the people who suffer the most disrespect and disregard in the society. The restaurant owner wanted to test his staff and see how they would treat a homeless person. He found some rags and dressed himself to look like one, then approached the restaurant.

Once he entered, everyone looked at him as if he was lost. From the customers to the staff, everyone glanced at him as if to let him know that he did not belong there and that he should get out. Some conversations even died down while others (probably about the homeless man standing at the entrance) started.