Make Sure You Know How To Identify An Extreme Narcissist

In our lives, we have to deal with all types of people. Sometimes, we are lucky enough to have a life filled with wonderful, kind people. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. When you have to deal with an extreme narcissist, it can completely ruin your life. The best way to deal with a narcissist is to learn how to spot them and avoid them.

An extreme narcissist is a person who lacks any empathy. They cannot understand how someone else is feeling. Whether you are upset or joyful, they do not understand your emotions. They are truly incapable of love, and they often feel superior to other people. A narcissist can pretend to love someone, but they are incapable of actually feeling that emotion.

When someone is an extreme narcissist, they form relationships based on their personal needs.

They care about what you can do for them and how you can help them succeed.

This type of person is not able to truly attach to someone else because other people are expendable. They pick their friends and relationships based on what they need. If they no longer need whatever you have to offer, they will move on without thinking twice about it.

Underneath the surface, the narcissist is less confident than they seem to be. They may feel insecure or not capable of reaching their goals. When someone criticizes them, they are often easily offended and overly sensitive.

They would much rather be around people who compliment them and do whatever they want. Alija

An extreme narcissist also wants to be admired. They hate being challenged. If you question a narcissist’s decision, they will most likely become angry and lose control. It is even worse when the narcissist possesses power already.

In a relationship, they are difficult to be with. They want a spouse who will boost their ego and make them look good. A narcissist wants a spouse who is gorgeous, wealthy or well-connected. If you can no longer be all of these things, the narcissist is more than happy to move on.

Because of this, many narcissists end up bouncing from relationship to relationship. Unless a narcissist can find a spouse who will put up with them, the relationship will eventually end.

To outsiders, the narcissist seems charming and charismatic. Once you get to know them, you learn what they are really like.

As a spouse, you end up seeing the darker side of the narcissist. They may verbally abuse you or neglect you because they do not really care about anyone other than themselves.

In general, there are two kinds of people who marry an extreme narcissist. Narcissists are drawn to people pleasers because they can exploit them to feel better. They may also marry a fellow narcissist. With a fellow narcissist, they are able to exploit one another and make the marriage a business transaction. Both people use the marriage to achieve a selfish, self-centered goal.

They may form this attachment to achieve a better lifestyle, higher social status or increased popularity. With this goal in mind, the two narcissists will pool their resources and efforts together.

A relationship between two narcissists can be explosive and difficult. If one person is more than a narcissist, they will push harder for their own goals.

Once the couple develops different goals, their egos and narcissism will keep the relationship from working out. If the narcissists become angry at each other, a rage-filled, explosive argument will ensue.

When a narcissist marries a people pleaser, they end up using their spouse to achieve their own needs. The people pleaser wants to be loved and seeks validation in their relationship.

They want to feel better about who they are by being kind and loving to someone else. Because of these qualities, the people pleaser often attracts a narcissist.

Once a narcissist finds a people pleaser to be with, they will use them until a better option comes along. Over time, this can be exhausting for the people pleaser. In most cases, this marriage will end after the narcissist is done exploiting their spouse to meet their own desires.

When two narcissists get together, no one really cares about the pain or suffering in the relationship. Both partners cause the problems in the relationship, so no one is truly a victim. This is not true when a kind, loving person is with a narcissist.

The normal spouse ends up getting hurt, exploited and abused. Because of this, it is extremely important that you avoid dating a narcissist.

If your partner dominates the relationship and is incapable of empathy, you need to end the relationship right away. You do not want to be unhappily married to a narcissist.

If you stay in the relationship, the narcissist will gradually remove all of the beauty and happiness in your life.


If you have had an experience with an extreme narcissist, let us know about it!